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Paul Kimball
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 21 September 2006
Location: United States
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Posted: 12 May 2019 at 11:49am | IP Logged | 1 post reply

Interesting and decently wel-made.
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Peter Martin
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 17 March 2008
Location: Canada
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Posted: 12 May 2019 at 1:52pm | IP Logged | 2 post reply

"When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.... And you look damn odd."

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Dave Kopperman
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 27 December 2004
Location: United States
Posts: 2061
Posted: 17 May 2019 at 8:04am | IP Logged | 3 post reply

The video is fine for what it is.  Someone has skills and deployed them with some full-on geek passion, which is always fun.  But I find it really dispiriting the way this has blown up all over social media with comments generally along the line of how much of an improvement on the original it is. Because, holy crap, no it isn't.

I'm normally a big believer in the sliding scale of assessing works of art and popular culture - it's all just opinions and taste, after all - but anyone who sincerely thinks this is better than the fight scene in the original film has lost all sense of perspective and aesthetics, to boot.  It's objectively not.
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Mike Thompson
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 25 November 2016
Location: United States
Posts: 31
Posted: 04 July 2019 at 9:13am | IP Logged | 4 post reply

I really enjoyed it!
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Rob Ocelot
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 07 December 2008
Location: Canada
Posts: 1195
Posted: 18 December 2019 at 10:02am | IP Logged | 5 post reply

I can appreciate the technical skill and enthusiasm that went into making this but at the same time I facepalm at the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink wankiness of it all.

The tone of the scene in the original is that Vader and Obi-wan are evenly matched opponents for different reasons and are locked in a stalemate.   It's meant to be a slow, tense contemplative battle where both opponents dare not make a wrong move and leave themselves open.   This new version basically turns it into a videogame fight where the opponents might as well be the same character with different skins.   They both throw everything at each other like they are mashing buttons on a game controller and performing secret moves.  A similar mistake is made by the people behind newer STAR WARS material where the end result feels less like cinema and more like a video game cutscene (ironic, since most game cut scenes try to mimic films).   It's not just the overruse of CGI, it's the pacing and editing, the colour pallettes and gamma, and the composition and that all contribute to this 'off' feel.

The fight in the hall with the lightsabers hitting the walls might look cool but it's really a dumb tactical move for both opponents because it gives no added advantage for everyone involved.  The Jedi training by design moulds the practitioner into mastering a weapon that isn't ideal in every combat situation -- and as such the training also gives you the good sense of not getting into situations where your weapon is less useful and eliminating the need for something like a smaller dagger-like secondary weapon.   All I think when I see a scene like that narrow corridor fight is some pissed-off janitor afterward muttering to himself "What kind of idiot practices swordplay in a cupboard?".   A good writer and producer should be able to step back and view a scene with a critical eye and see beyond the 'coolness' to judge if it's really working within a larger context.    The original scene takes place in a wide corridor for a number of reasons.   If the only answers one has to "Why is that even there?" are "Because it's cool" or "Because he's a badass" then someone probably needs a few more years and perhaps formal training to hone their craft some more.   Every artist cringes when they go back and view their earlier work because they can see all of the rookie mistakes and the throw-everything-at-the-wall approach they used to use.   When supposed professionals in charge of a major franchise make these kinds of mistakes I think back to the threads on music forums where people ask "Do I really need to learn how to read music or play the piano?" and my answer is "Yes, most of us do if you want to be taken seriously by other professionals".

Don't get me wrong.   I'm not trying to knock this person's effort and I can appreciate it on it's own merits.   I just find it sad when someone says "That looks like it could be part of the movie" and it's not because the fan produced material is better but becase the bar is set so low for commerically produced content.

Edited by Rob Ocelot on 18 December 2019 at 10:08am
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Matt Hawes
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 16 April 2004
Location: United States
Posts: 15613
Posted: 18 December 2019 at 2:11pm | IP Logged | 6 post reply

Agreed, Rob!

It's actually kind of insulting to George Lucas, this re-imagining. Sure, with modern technology with special effects Lucas could have made the battle more dynamic, but then, he had access to do just that until he sold to Disney and obviously didn't feel compelled to do so. Why? Because, apparently he was fine with the scene, as is. It's not like he was afraid to tinker with his films, if not.

Even in 1976 (when it was filmed), there were ways to make the fight scene look more robust, if that was what Lucas intended. If Lucas felt Alec Guinness was too old to perform certain moves, he could have went with a body double for certain action shots and such. This fan-made video is fine for fannish fun, but there's no way I want that substituted for the real scene anymore than I want any of the "Special Edition" changes.

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Nathan Greno
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 20 April 2006
Location: United States
Posts: 9154
Posted: 30 December 2019 at 11:01am | IP Logged | 7 post reply

Yikes. Saying you’d like to see this footage substituted for the original scene, shows a lack of understanding when it comes to TONE. 
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Daniel Preece
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 24 June 2013
Location: United States
Posts: 4
Posted: 12 September 2020 at 9:59am | IP Logged | 8 post reply

Well, I loved it.  And I'd love to see more fan contributions like this.  

Doesn't mean I want inserted into the original, tho. 

My feeling about the Special Editions is that I wanted all Lucas was willing to make (even if I didn't agree with some of it) long as I also have the original theatrical release to go with it.  Not keeping the original release available on the latest tech (bluray, 4k) is a black spot on Lucas's career, imo.  
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John Byrne

Imaginary X-Man

Joined: 11 May 2005
Posts: 122319
Posted: 12 September 2020 at 11:39am | IP Logged | 9 post reply

Ahgh! You made me look at it again! Bluurrgg!!!!!
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