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John Byrne

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Posted: 07 November 2020 at 10:33am | IP Logged | 1 post reply

It’s somewhat ironic that in THIS reasonably accurate portrait of New York we see (toward the bottom) yet another resurrection of the old myth of how unrealistic was Monica’s apartment on FRIENDS. This time even pulling in Chandler and Joey’s pad, which I don’t recall anyone complaining about before.

Well, doing my best impression of a broken record, I will once again point out two things that undercut those complaints:

The Fourth Wall

In a conceit as old as theater itself, the edge off the stage—in this case your TV screen—is an invisible wall, a fourth wall if the set is considered as a square/cube. Apply this rule, and those two apartments become much smaller. (I’ve visited multiple sets over the years, and they’re all smaller than they seem on screen.)

Monica is Living There Illegally

As established several times, the apartment is actually her grandmother’s, and rent controlled. Grandma moved to Florida and “gave” the place to Monica, who lives there relatively cheaply as long as no one rats her out to the landlord. Even with that, she has to split the rent with a roommate.

So, please! Enough already!

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