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John Byrne

Grumpy Old Guy

Joined: 11 May 2005
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Posted: 22 October 2008 at 1:42pm | IP Logged | 1  

Nobody likes rules, but we here in the JBF have found it necessary to create these in response to specific situations. So..:


Make sure your thread titles identify the subject. JB does deliberately obscure titles for the commissions he posts, as a gag, but yours should make clear the topic of your thread.

Do Not respond to posts/questions directly addressed to other Forum members until they have had the opportunity to respond.

Do Not pose "multiple choice" questions, as "Did you do such and such because of blah, or because of blah blah?" A simple "Why did you do such and such" will suffice!

Do Not post self-promotional threads or messages of any kind.

Do Not start thread discussing or promoting new books/titles JB has not worked on. Use "Pull List" and/or "What Did You Read" threads for this.

Do Not upload more than three graphics per post. Have some sympathy for those who might be on slower computers.

Do Not start deliberately negative threads. Don't post just to bash.

Do Not start a new thread until you have made sure there is no other thread already covering that topic. Use the SEARCH function if necessary.

Do Not start threads about urban legends. Check their veracity!! (Try to keep this nonsense out of posts in other threads, too, please!)

Do Not start threads asking JB questions until you have checked the FAQs. There are a lot of answers there!

Do Not post colored versions of JB's black and white art.

Do Not post outside the various areas/sections created for that purpose. Sports in SPORTS, movies in MOVIES, TV in TV, etc.

Do Not post responses that come down to "I don't know."

Do Not quote entire posts in order to respond to part of that post. Cut and paste the part you are responding to.

Do Not use "John" or "JB" when addressing or quoting anyone other than YOURS TRULY. There are a lot of "Johns" and several "JBs" on the Forum. Make sure you distinguish which you mean!

Do Not ask why a post or thread has been deleted. There was a reason.

Oh, and PLEASE

Do Not start threads just because some celebrity has bared her boobs!!

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