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Robbie Parry
Byrne Robotics Member

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Posted: 14 December 2017 at 1:39pm | IP Logged | 1 post reply

When I was at school, a science teacher said something like, "A theory is about something being tested, via experimentation, and based on at least some facts." Or words to that effect.


I mean, this isn't a theory:

Fans have often speculated that Han isnít the only one on the Falcon with the Force, or at least is a little Force sensitive. Itís why heís always good at getting out of scrapes that would have killed others: blaster shots (more on that to come), carbonite freezing, and not getting smashed to bits by asteroids.

Where's the facts in that? How could one prove that?

Sounds like an assumption, rather than a theory, to me.

As are some others on the list.
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Michael Roberts
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 20 April 2004
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Posted: 14 December 2017 at 2:16pm | IP Logged | 2 post reply

Some words have specific meanings in specific contexts. Anti-evolutionists try to muddle the discussion by conflating a general definition of theory, which includes assumptions and speculations, with the definition of theory as used in science, which is a testable explanation for observed or measured phenomena.

Don't conflate the two.
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Michael Penn
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Posted: 14 December 2017 at 2:21pm | IP Logged | 3 post reply

Going only from the original movie and nothing else...

Ben said this about the Force: "It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."

So, I would think that every living thing maybe only to some infinitesimally microscopic degree autonomically "uses" the Force.

But that don't make Han even a jot of a Jedi!

Edited by Michael Penn on 14 December 2017 at 2:25pm
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