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Prose Novels


 What prose has JB published?

Fearbook! (Warner Books)
Whipping Boy (Abyss/Dell)
Wonder Woman: Gods & Goddesses (Prima Publishing)

Short Stories available in Anthologies:
Hotter Blood: "Nocturne" by John Byrne (Pocket Books)
Shock Rock: "Hide in Plain Sight" by John Byrne (Pocket Books)

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 Buying JB's novels

Both Fearbook and Whipping Boy are currently out-of-print. Try a used bookstore or an online marketplace like or

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 JB on becoming a novelist

Was writing a novel a life-long goal, or an outgrowth of doing comicbook writing? Did you just decide at some point after being established that a novel would be an interesting thing to try?

JB: I started out to be a novelist, really. I could always draw, to one degree or another, and I used my drawings often as not to tell little stories (usually for my own amusement only), but to tell the kinds of stories I found myself wanting to tell, the novel form seemed more efficient, somehow, than the words-and-pictures form. But, somewhere along the way, I found myself gravitating towards comics SOLELY as an artist -- then, only after several years did I start full time writing as well. Eventually, that led me back to the novel writing -- and finally to publication.

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 JB's plans for more novels

JB: I'm always writing novels. My computer has about twenty of 'em tucked away in various folders, at the moment. I tinker and tinker -- but I'm never sure which will be "the next one" until its finished

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 Does the Wonder Woman novel take place in the DC Universe?

I just finished "Wonder Woman: Gods and Godesses" and I really enjoyed it. I was wondering where it fit in the comic series. I'm guessing about #106 but I was wondering if you had a definite time frame in mind when you wrote it?

JB: Against my own protestations, the then-editor insisted that GODS AND GODDESSES be set into something approximating continuity. I tried to keep it to a minimum -- knowing that this book would be aimed primarily at "civilians" -- but there were just enough strands that a regular reader of the comic would be able to say "Ah! It must happen more or less between panels HERE." Unfortunately, repeated and seemingly endless editorial screwups resulted in the book being published almost a year later than it was supposed to be, and some eighteen months after I finished the first draft, and in that time the comic storyline drifted away from some of the points the novel (because of when it was written) "presaged". Result, it takes place on Earth-N -- a world very similar to our own, but different in small but significant ways.

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