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Marc Baptiste
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 17 June 2004
Location: United States
Posts: 3240
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 9:39am | IP Logged | 1 post reply

Hey Everybuddy!

Does anyone with a medical/scientific background have a guesstimate of how long this crisis will continue?

Stay healthy!
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Bryan Eacret
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 08 February 2007
Location: United States
Posts: 629
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 10:20am | IP Logged | 2 post reply ea5424dfaaa75ae62e5c06e61
Tracking cases world wide
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Bryan Eacret
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 08 February 2007
Location: United States
Posts: 629
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 10:21am | IP Logged | 3 post reply

The new no contact greetings rule is awesome for a non touchy-feely person like me.  Hopefully itís a forever rule. 
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Carlos Velasco
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 02 August 2019
Location: Spain
Posts: 133
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 12:41pm | IP Logged | 4 post reply

News from Spain: we can't leave our houses except for buying food or going to the doctor.

I will have to think of something original to do some jogging...
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Bill Collins
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 26 May 2005
Location: England
Posts: 10937
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 1:21pm | IP Logged | 5 post reply

Regarding the toilet paper panic, i have a theory that
the UK media showed pics of people buying it in bulk
from Costco, which i think is the only way to buy it in
UK Costco stores, this went viral and lead to people
panic buying it. It doesn`t explain the bottled water
panic buying, as we have decent water on tap here, as
i`m sure James Woodcock will confirm.
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James Woodcock
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 21 September 2007
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 5582
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 6:21pm | IP Logged | 6 post reply

Our water is the best, & thanks for the vote of confidence Bill!

Iím hearing people worried about water supply going down. I keep
telling them that the things that wonít go down are power & water
supply. They are starting to listen to me.
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Steve De Young
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 01 April 2008
Location: United States
Posts: 3472
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 7:54pm | IP Logged | 7 post reply

Growth industry:  Bidet sales and installation.
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Matt Reed
Byrne Robotics Security


Joined: 16 April 2004
Posts: 33506
Posted: 14 March 2020 at 11:12pm | IP Logged | 8 post reply

I don't get the TP hoarding thing at all either except when it's framed as control.  A pandemic is nothing any of us can control.  It's out there and could strike anyone at any time.  What reaction can you have where you feel some semblance of control?  Fortifying your home.  Buying things to make you feel like you're taking active steps.  Doesn't matter if those things don't make a whole hell of a lot of sense, just that they give you some modicum of control over the situation.  

What drives me bonkers isn't people buying a little more of the essentials, but those who overbuy everything to the point that they leave nothing for others.  No one needs a year's supply of TP and hand sanitizer.  Half the chicken that has been bought will be thrown out in six months due to freezer burn.  Tap water is just fine, so binge buying five cases, 40 bottles each, of bottled water is both a waste of money and environmentally unsound.  React by stocking up?  Fine.  Overreact as if we're going into bomb shelters that won't be cracked open for 50 years?  Insane.  
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Brian Floyd
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 07 July 2006
Location: United States
Posts: 6963
Posted: 15 March 2020 at 12:18am | IP Logged | 9 post reply

The TP hoarders are going to good to go if the next pandemic involves explosive diarrhea. Otherwise, there's no point. Its a respiratory illness. Hoarding nasal tissues and Emergen-C would make sense. But not toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Or bottled water.

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Trevor Smith
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 21 September 2006
Location: Canada
Posts: 3154
Posted: 15 March 2020 at 6:08am | IP Logged | 10 post reply

In short, the toilet paper panic is in case you find
yourself stuck in your home on short notice and perhaps
are in short supply. It's nothing to do with anything
specific to the disease. No judgment on the rationality
of it all, just an explanation.
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John Harrison
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 27 July 2007
Posts: 1208
Posted: 15 March 2020 at 6:29am | IP Logged | 11 post reply

As someone working in a grocery store at the time its just plain insanity. Our
shelves are empty a combination of confirmed cases in the area school
closings and the national closures... and of course social media insanity.    

Other stores near by are in the same shape as well.

The panic will get worse as people come in see bare shelves since grocery
stores have limited delivery days and none were prepared for the near
overnight panic that happened here. You simply can't restock. So then that
becomes an excuse for these people to lose their shit in the store.

The governor here is trying to figure out how to close or limit bars with all of
the college kids w free time the college town bars are exploding w business.
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Leigh DJ Hunt
Byrne Robotics Member

Joined: 20 February 2008
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 1529
Posted: 15 March 2020 at 9:07am | IP Logged | 12 post reply

Hoarding nasal tissues and Emergen-C would make sense. But not toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Or bottled water.
Hand sanitizer does make sense. Why would you think it wouldn't?

Plans here now to make all over-70s self-isolate for up to four months. My 70-oddd year old parents were still fairly blase about the virus up to a few days ago. Can't see my father in particular paying any attention to a rule like that unfortunately.
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